Made in Ireland

The Design & Manufacture of Medical, Healthcare and Workwear Textiles

Since its creation in 2012, BENSONS culture is to implement actions to promote protection of health and environmental ethics. This sustainable development policy results in a number of actions in our everyday work. Bensons are manufacturers and suppliers of an exceptional brand who take pride in ensuring consistent quality in our product lines. Providing you with an outstanding service and support team. With our colourful and ever expanding range of clothing such as Softshell Jackets, Tee Shirts, Polo Shirts, Hoodies, Hi-Viz, Fleece Jackets, Trousers, we are constantly looking to add new colours and products to meet your daily requirements. Buying BENSONS products means you can guarantee quality and fast delivery to your regular and new clients. In order to perfectly perform our contractual commitments to you, BENSONS has set up quality control procedures. This has been designed to comply with the provisions of all European regulations. Each item is designed and double checked before dispatch from our factory and again from our warehouse facilities in Ireland. As a manufacturer of clothing we ensure all our products are Oekotex certified. In addition to providing stock items to the promotional & workwear industry, BENSONS bespoke section deals with private labels within our customized manufacturing section. We create private company labels facilitating you with establishing your very own brand so that you can stand out and be recognized.
Although Bensons deal with wholesale, their continuing determination, skill and craftsmanship is motivated from their drive and desire for the end user to look and feel good. Confidence is key at BENSONS.We believe that a confident and happy worker provides enthusiasm and support to meet customer satisfaction.
Bensons brings a style and cut to what was once ordinary, Our environment is one where French design meets Irish luxury in creating comfortable, fitted and breathable wear. Bensons; making you shape up, feel better, have a better day, & enjoy a better life.

Creative Director

—  Beni Moussa, Fashion Designer